Mohamed Hassen, According to business for home website

He is one of Field CEO’s in fast growing Direct Selling Companies,

Mohamed Hassen, founder of Dox LLC and The Vigor Organization is a very focused individual working hard to help people train in MLM with state of the art technology funded and provided by his own company, and enabling individuals to build their own business successfully through support and finances provided by Dox LLC.

Mohammed Hassen’s is a very fascinating and inspiring story. The coach, the founder and the monster of MLM training, Mohammed Hassen is merely 26 years old and already a big name in the MLM and entrepreneurship industry. We founded Dox LLC and Vigor Organization through his own efforts with only one aim, to help people train in MLM in the best possible way and build their own successful businesses. He believes in human development and has been working for it since decades.

Mohammed Hassen began working and training in multi- level marketing seven years ago. He failed a lot of times and his ventures turned out in complete losses. Yet, he did not lose hope. For Mohammed Hassen got up, brushed himself and set off to achieve what he intended with even more vigor than before. Today he is the owner of Dox and Vigor and coaches his people in Dox storm and VLF “Vigor Leadership Factory”

Mohammed Hassen is a person who believes in the people he trains. He wants people to be inspired and to become successful to achieve everything they want to achieve. Without a doubt, Mohammed Hassen is a thought provoking and critical thinking trainer who focuses on helping people approach their business and their lives in a new and very confident way. His organization Vigor offers leadership training programs aimed at helping individuals acquire those much needed skills that will take them ahead in their lives.

Mohammed Hassen is a man of his words. He is known to keep his promises and to deliver. He acts rather than speaking and shows the world by the example he sets. He set out to achieve success for himself and he did so with immense hard work. Today he senses that particular hunger for success and leadership in people he trains and help them polish their skills in the best possible way.

Without a doubt, Mohammed Hassen is a legend in the MLM industry and he has worked hard to earn this reputation. At the age of 26, he is a dedicated and very passionate trainer when it comes to MLM. Mohammed Hassen was convinced irrevocably about the success of multi-level marketing and considers it as an equalizer, a good force and perhaps the most authentic bastion and perhaps the last, where free enterprise is concerned. He encourages everybody to bond together and make a committed effort to help each other and uplifts them to reap the many benefits the MLM industry has to offer.

Mohammed Hassen is a very dynamic and truly inspiring individual. He has squeezed every single ounce of what he has learned and acquired from MLM into his organizations and is giving it back to the community today through them.

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