Luke Snow is a filmmaker who envisions big projects.

His latest one would bring together actors and crews from Poland and the United Kingdom to create a feature film that will also involve public input.

Snow, actually Łukasz Sosnowski, was born in Warsaw, Poland, and he’s learned from the best in the industry.

His education includes academic studies of film production technique in London and attending multiple film festivals and educational events, such as Camerimage in Poland, BFI, Raindance, BSC, BVE and BAFTA in London.

Snow, a method-trained scriptwriter, has already built an impressive résumé in the film production field, starting with his first short film, “Squat Fabryka”, in 2004. He followed that up in 2006, with a documentary, “Jesień Życia”, which examined the life of an acclaimed Polish filmmaker.

He relocated to the United Kingdom in 2008, where he made a documentary chronicling the lives of residents of Plymouth, where he lived, and has continued to create more, including a film made with the help of The Cass – London Metropolitan University students “Pocket to Public” and a short experimental film “The Act of Drowning” both in 2015.

Now, Snow, with his company, “Luke Snow Media & Entertainment,” is planning a magnum opus of sorts.

“I want to work on a comedy feature film script and to develop all the characters, story lines, storyboards, camera angles, and camera work for this film,” Snow said.

He envisions working with actors and crew from both the UK and Poland, which he calls a cooperative effort, “to promote Polish great locations in filmmaking abroad and to use all of my skills and contacts that I have in England.”

He would like to shoot in both countries as well, which, he said, would reduce the pre-production and production costs.

“At the moment, I’m just starting preparations for this project with a mystery name, he said. He’s using the working title “Survival Film Talk” that can be already found on well-known patrons’ websites, and will keep those patrons updated with a weekly vlog, presenting his concepts, scriptwriting, storyboarding—in essence, everything it takes to produce a film.

“Patrons will join me in my project— that will be great entertainment and a great adventure, very enjoyable to watch and to participate”, Snow said.

He estimates that pre-production planning and fundraising will take about a year. After that – when the script is complete and the storyboard finished—Snow said he will begin a crowdfunding campaign in both the UK and Poland.

A key point of the plan is to establish partnerships with film funding foundations, government agencies, and corporations. Investors will be invited to participate as well.

Given Snow’s past success, boundless energy, and drive, the project, daunting as it may appear, seems likely to end up on screens around Europe.