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Amarist Studio presents Welcome, a collection of solidarity jewelry made with razor wire, sparking awareness on war-displaced people. The pieces are handmade in Barcelona; cutting small fragments from the same model of razor wire that is installed on border fences (Concertina Bto nº22) its spikes are then polished to make them useless, and finally plated in 24-Karat Gold to be reconverted into solidarity pins, bracelets, and necklaces. With the Welcome Collection, the designers Clara Campo and Arán Lozano, aim to change the meaning of razor wire, transforming its spikes into a symbol of respect and human dignity. All proceeds are donated to the United...

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“X-MALE” From UniCoPro LLC Naturally Boosts Testosterone Levels With Scientifically Researched Ingredients

Testosterone booster “X-MALE” now Available in the global market for enhanced performance UniCoPro LLC, the producer, and marketer of numerous leading health and wellness supplements has launched “X-MALE”, the newest addition to its product lineup. The supplement has testosterone boosting properties achieved through a unique blend of ingredients. This new product has been shown to provide solutions for men who suffer from low testosterone levels. The significant differences between X-MALE and its competitors are its proven results and the fact that it contains only natural ingredients. Do you know each and every year after your thirtieth birthday, you will...

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Paying Over the Odds for Parking in London? There Could Be a Better Solution…

Parking in the capital is notoriously difficult, especially in the center of London, meaning that you either have to drive for ages to find a decent parking space or end up paying way over the odds. However, there could be another solution. Hundreds of garages across the nation can be rented out through agents such as and renting one for the day (or longer) can be a much sounder choice. Here’s why… Cost You might be surprised to know that renting a garage can actually work out cheaper than paying for a parking space every day. In fact, you could save as much as 20%, especially if you rent for a longer period, such as if you’re using it for work every day. Most streets in London operate restrictions between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm, Monday to Saturday (so basically all of the time!), either charging using a Pay & Display system, or using a ‘phone parking’ system, where you need to set up an account on your phone and register a credit or debit card. This can all be a lot of hassle, and what’s more, if you don’t pay the correct fee on time, you can be hit with some pretty hefty charges, or maybe even have your vehicle clamped, which is the last thing that you want. (For more information about parking in London and...

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Keeping it Warm in the Winters with Thermal wear

Just because the weather’s getting colder and colder doesn’t mean we should, too. Whether you’re working outside, going for a jog, or exploring snow country, thermal underwear is a must for cold-weather adventures, as it will keep you warm and wick away moisture. After the successful launch of their yoga products, the first Lapasa ( winter range is here. Unlike ordinary cooling and heating products, the thermal sensations that the Lapasa thermal clothes for men create are immediate, precise, and energy-efficient. Breaking away from the predictable category of being a mere necessity, Lapasa tries to go a step further...

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Nothing But You Nicky’s New Single, “On My Own” is Out Now!

Japanese – American singer Nicky has released her newest single on Phoenix Records! Her much anticipated single entitled, “ON MY OWN,” is available via all digital channels from November 24, 2017. The single was composed by Multi-award winning composer Emine Sari (, produced by Cihat Atlig, with vocal production and engineering by Multi-platinum winning engineer Joel Evenden., “ON MY OWN” showcases Nicky ‘s strength, both vocally and emotionally, as she performs her bold, unapologetic lyrics. She uses her music to tell stories and to capture the true emotion behind the music. Inspired by artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and...

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