Cancer’s Last Stand is a new film, not yet released, starring the young stars Lilly Dennis and Quartay Denaya.  While there are so many films about cancer out there, don’t let the title scare you away.  This not just another cancer movie.  This film is based on a true story and portrays the reality of the clinical trial world perfectly.  Cancer’s Last Stand is set in Brooklyn back in early 2000, the film follows the story of Emily.  Emily is a young woman, who after suffering through cancer several times in her short life has received the diagnosis of terminal.  Diagnosed with terminal non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Emily has decided to not prolong her life with more chemo or radiation. This decision takes a radical change when she is given a surprising proposal of a clinical trial.  The trial proposed to her is not one that will cure her in time, but she would become the ‘guinea pig’ in the hopes of getting the trial approved in the hopes to save others.  It’s at the same time she is offered this trial that she discovers her sister’s daughter, Annabelle, has been diagnosed with the same cancer.  Emily decides to go forward with this trial in the hopes it can save her niece.  This film gives an honest and raw look at the inner workings of these clinical trials and the dark things people will do in times of crisis. 

Cancer’s Last Stand is a beautifully heartbreaking story about the power of love and what we will do for the ones we love.  The two stars of the film Lilly Dennis and Quartay Denaya, who plays her sister, Jen, both take us through an incredibly emotional journey of sisterhood and undying love.  The film was written and directed by Eric Owosu, who has written for networks such as Disney.  The film is currently in post- production and a release date is yet to be announced.

The sad truth this film brings to life is how many people will go without receiving a cure for their different diseases because they are not chosen for certain trials.  The clinical trial world is one of dark and tormented stories of people struggling to survive.  Cancer’s Last Stand has been receiving a lot of attention and anticipation because of this untold story.  In today’s society it’s stories that reveal the dark truth that we have remained naive to that is dominating our most watched list.