After working for Wipro in India, Aravind Sopinti was desperate to start something on his own. He came to UK for Higher Education and did his Masters at Anglia Ruskin University in marketing and Innovation, That’s when he teamed up with  friends to start a platform where he can bring all SME ONLINE and A low cost brand marketing.

Mr .Sopinti was aware by the fact that there were big players in this category, But his aim for helping and educating high-street shops to mid-level business to get online presence and a mobile APP.

The company 9tree– e -solutions working to get some funds so it can expand its operation in London and Hyderabad India

In this fast pace where technology is ruling.. Small and medium business owners should be ready to adapt that into their business.

Microsoft Mr. Bill Gates said  ‘ If your business is not ONLINE that means you’re are not really doing business.

“As per 2015-16 survey we have more than 45 million   small and medium businesses and approximately 130+million worldwide, who need their business to be listed online and a website.

Majority of them don’t have knowledge how to make their business/ Shop online or don’t have sufficient funds as a spare to fulfill this dreams.

9tree is a web enabled location-based search platform, a mobile app developer, web design/hosting & Digital Marketing Agency startup now in India & UK

The beauty of this   platform is business person need not be a tech savvy   they just need to be hunger for growth, we do rest of the stuff.

Hypothetically if he is happy he can get his own webpage   and social media branding in 15 min, with a single phone call or an SMS or even WhatsApp.

9tree is one of the popular and budget–friendly forms of on-line promotion. A Company which can create attractive platforms and get your customers to buy your products and services. Advertise your business without breaking your bank.

Our experts work for you and see your profits grow. 9tree can get you to compete globally and get customers from all over the world. Constant exposure and instant connection with your customers will build long lasting relationships and create a solid customer base.

The Team say ‘ we don’t  do web sites— we DRIVE CUSTOMERS……`

When we started it was tough to educate shop keepers about the benefits of having their business Online. But gradually we cracked the code, one by one from small to medium business person started using our services which is free.

We gave them free webpage and social media marketing .Gradually the ball started rolling and we bagged 85k small business customers on or platform.

Now targeting UK based customers and giving them app based services with loyalty theme.

As we are a startup we are clearing our piggy bank for funding we are aiming to   expand our operations to each and every corner where a person is doing business   and get them enrolled.

We are coming up with a customer loyalty program in UK where business person will give back some of his profits to loyal customers, to retain them and spread the word of mouth about success.

All these days they had taken good profits. Now the time has come to return customers as thanks giving. Otherwise they   become fat. ( LOL)  to compete in competitive business world.

Secrets behind is treat customers as a King and reward them it gives back a good reviews on their business and they will automatically bring your business high.

We welcome Investors for investment with a stake so we can make this impossible task much easier.

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