Bandung is a tourist destination that is popular not only in Indonesia but also to others from other countries. As the city’s reputation reaches countries outside of Indonesia, it becomes sort of important for you to dig information about Bandung Indonesia points of interest. Why? Well, when you come to the city unprepared without enough knowledge about it, to begin with, you would wonder around the city pretty much aimlessly. And to aimlessly wander around Bandung (or pretty much anywhere for this matter) is something inefficient and not at all cost-effective. By knowing exactly where to go, you can make your itinerary more streamlined and with a streamlined and focused itinerary, your holiday in Bandung would be simplified without you having to waste your time and money for something unnecessary and pointless. Bandung is abundant in interesting places that can be quality spots that offer you a lot of experience to bring back home. The city is known for its cool climate; you can literally enjoy innumerable outdoor activities while in Bandung. Local cuisine is also something that you need to give a try as Bandung is renowned for its wide variety of culinary gems that should spoil your palate thoroughly.

Of all Bandung Indonesia points of interest to explore, there is one place that stands out. If you are a fan of the volcano, Mount TangkubanPerahu in the city’s northern part should interest you. The active volcano boasts a crater lake known to the locals as KawahPutih (Kawah = crater, putih = white; the name refers to the color of the environment around the lake that is indeed white in appearance). You can take photos in this area to upload to your very own social media platform. However, you need to be very aware of the entrance fee into this area. For a foreigner, the fee would be IDR 300,000 per person. For a place that only offers a site to take photos, this is just too much. Suffice to say, you would not miss out on a lot of things if this site is omitted from your itinerary. But of course, the decision is in your hands, no matter what. If missing this site affects the completeness of Bandung holiday experience that you expect, then, by all means, you should go there.

A Bandung Indonesia points of interest tour package should be able to tackle your needs and wants thoroughly. Using this service, you can just sit back and relax while the tour guide brings you anywhere included in the itinerary. However, make sure that the package you take covers major attractions in Bandung. These attractions include:

  1. Cihampelas Street, Riau Street, Setia Budi Street, and Djuanda Street

These lanes of roads are popular among tourists for being the best place to purchase clothes and denims.

  1. Patenggang Lake

Situated some 50kilometers south of the city, the lake is a perfect getaway spot as it is surrounded by tea plantation.

  1. Museums

Museums in Bandung that are must-visit include Asian-African Conference Museum, Sri Baduga Museum, Indonesian Postal Museum, and Geological Museum.