Relocating to a new city in the other side of the world doesn’t happen every day, and therefore, it can be a bit hard to adapt. But worry not, because this new blog post will share with you 5 amazing tips that will help you to adapt to your new home!

#1 – Start Off With The Right Foot:

In order to relocate to your new city, you will need to hire a company that brings you such service: international moving.

It is important to choose the right one, so you can start off with the right foot, because there’s nothing worse than arriving to your new city and find out that your relocation company was not careful enough and there are many broken things, and even worse, some are missing…

You need to work with a company trusted by many and with several years in the market. For example, for people in UAE who want to relocate to another city within the territory or abroad, they have, an excellent way to find that perfect international moving company.

It is important to always start off with the right foot, because this will save you from experiencing several problems that could undermine your first weeks/months in your new city.

#2 – Accept That You Are in a New Country:

The worst thing you can do is to stay apprehensive to change… you need to embrace it and accept the fact that you are in a new country, and hence, a different culture!

The best way to fully enjoy your time here is to embrace the culture and respect it. This will allow you to enjoy your new home at your best and learn how to live a good life in this new land.

Before relocating you should investigate more about your new home, so you can be integrating the idea that you are going to live in a new environment, and hence, the best thing you can do is to face it with a smile and embrace it. This alone will eliminate a large portion of your problems, take it for granted.

Even though Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, you still need to remember that you are in a Muslim city, and hence it is important to respect their traditions. You will see this in the month of Ramadan, because the vast majority of business follow it strictly: no alcohol, restaurants remain closed, etc.

Dubai is amazing, none can argue that, but you still need to remember that you are in a new country with different traditions, so it is your best to play along the rules and respect them. That way you will get far in life here J

And before passing to the next point, try to learn a bit of the local language. Most Emiratis speak English very well, but it will help you even more if you learn some helpful phrases and words.

#3 – Build New Relationships:

The easiest way to adapt to your new place is by building new relationships. The best move you can in regards to this matter is to connect with people with similar interests or in your industry before arriving there, and it is easy to do it thanks to the internet.

You cannot really live there and be a lone wolf, because we are social beings and really need social interaction. And you have no valid excuse here in Dubai, because it is a cosmopolitan city with people from all over the world and from different cultures.

And in case you have problems doing so, here you have 5 tips that will help you to make new friends in Dubai in no time:

  1. Join group activities (sports, dancing, arts, etc.)
  2. Join a course according to your career
  3. Join a language group
  4. Do some volunteering and charity work
  5. Attend community events

There are many ways to meet new and interesting people in Dubai from all nationalities, because the vast majority of people here are expats J around 80%.

#4 – Take Note of Strict Laws:

You should remember this all the time: all recreational drugs are forbidden in Dubai. And the same goes for certain prescription drugs, and yes, possessing any of these can land you in jail and make you subject to huge fees.

And now, it is also important to mention that the concept of possession in Dubai is very different to other parts of the world: if the presence of drugs are detected in urine or blood tests, then it is also considered as possession.

The same goes if they find traces of drugs in your clothes and body. The laws towards this are very strict, so if you want to enjoy of a very good time in Dubai, then remember this all the time. This city is amazing and beautiful, but the laws are very strict and breaking them is severely punished.

But what about alcohol? In order to buy and drink it without problems, you will need to have a liquor license. Just remember to drink at home or at designed bars and outlets, and please NEVER go outside intoxicated. And please, never drink and drive, because even the slightest trace of alcohol will land you in jail.

#5 – Just Enjoy it!

Really… you are in one of the best cities in the world! It is modern, with endless options for leisure, safe and it has a strong and fast-growing economy.

You need to discover everything about this city just like a tourist during the first months. Explore everything and identify those venues that appeal you the most.

There are several clubs and many things to do like visiting the Dubai Mall, Jumerai Beach, Burj Khalifa, the beautiful public parks, the amazing restaurants, etc.

You just need to start exploring more, meeting more people and finding those perfect spots where you spend your free time at.

Just jump into the adventure and embrace it, because this city has it all! 😉