The TEC IT Master Plan is a proactive, strategic approach to ensuring a company’s existing enterprise IT architecture continues to support it through growth and necessary transformations.

MONTREAL, QC, January 17, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has launched the TEC IT Master Plan service, aimed at helping companies be agile and progressive in order to succeed amid changing market demands and technology evolutions. The TEC IT Master Plan is a strategic roadmap that details how to maintain alignment between a company’s enterprise information technology (IT) architecture and its current and future business processes.

Technology evolutions and fluctuations in the market are forcing companies to adapt their business models to remain competitive. Changes in a business model and products or service offerings mean companies need to assess their enterprise IT infrastructure–made up of a variety of software systems, databases, and other add-on applications–and make sure the systems in place can support their business objectives.

“Today’s economy is changing, which means businesses have to adapt to survive. But having invested thousands, even millions of dollars in their enterprise IT systems, companies don’t want to have to flush that and start from scratch to support a necessary business transformation. This is where the TEC IT Master Plan comes in–it details what adjustments are needed so that the current infrastructure is flexible and scalable enough to support a company’s current and future business objectives,” said Michael Thaw, Vice President of Selection Services at TEC.

The TEC IT Master Plan is a systematic approach to assessing and adjusting a company’s enterprise IT architecture so that it supports current and future business objectives. More specifically, the service helps organizations:

– Align current and planned business processes to the architecture
– Mitigate potential risks and gaps in their systems
– Limit manual processes and data management
– Eliminate data duplication and redundant or obsolete applications
– Optimize performance and scalability
– Understand how to leverage the latest technologies available

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