Have you ever dreamt of a tool which allows you to go straight to the matter? With Resoomer, summarizing a text, an article or even a web page, is possible and quick. With an intelligently thought-out algorithm, it is now possible and within everyone’s reach to analyze and summarize texts. Don’t waste time with unnecessary sentences, with this text summarizer, you access directly to the most credible information found in a text.

For whom is Resoomer?

You are a student and you need to read dozens pages for one of your works? You don’t want to waste time reading sentences that all tell the same thing? Resoomer is all you need. You are a journalist, do you need to find the essential information of the day to write a relevant article? Resoomer selects the outline of an article by highlighting the primordial information in a simplified way. What a great way to be more productive and write efficient articles? Resoomer, generally aims those who need quick access to simplified information. Professor, editor, documentalist or simple reader, this summarizer is for you.

How does the tool work?

The Resoomer algorithm is able to determine which sentences are important or not in a text. It makes one wonder. How can a simple algorithm determine what is relevant in a text and what is not? Is it happenstance or a formula well suited to summaries of texts? You must know that there is no chance. For the same text, even copied and pasted several times, you will always have the same result since the algorithm was designed to carry out an efficient analysis process. Resoomer is based on the principle of semantics. Like a search engine, this algorithm will produce a relevant result but not a synthesis. To provide you with a relevant summary, the major terms in a text will be taken into account and analyzed in order to form the important part of your summary.

For more information, you can visit the site: https://resoomer.com/