New solution from Confirmed uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to save on-the-go pros and consumers big dollars

PITTSBURGH, PA, March 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Gas prices are at their highest level ever; so David Radin & Shannon Gregg, both known for helping clients save time, decided to save them gas too – especially those who drive a lot.

They did it by adding a new gas saving feature to their web-based product, one that reduces miles driven for various individuals, whether they drive professionally (for instance as a sales or service professional) or as a busy consumer.

Their solution, Travel Optimizer for Confirmed, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to adjust the locations to which others can ask them to travel based on adjacent meetings throughout the day.

Imagine an appliance repair person, for instance, whose customers are all over town – now once somebody books them in one neighborhood, their calendar rejects appointments in other neighborhoods to keep them local.

“It’s good for anybody who finds themselves scheduling in various locations, because it learns from the way their schedule becomes busy, and adjusts to reduce miles driven,” says, Shannon Gregg, PhD, COO of Confirmed. “A real estate photographer can stay in a single section of town more easily, saving hours of drive time and saving gallons of gas daily.”

Confirmed’s AI-based travel optimizer can be teamed with strategic planning to save even more gas (and time). “On-the-go people can make themselves available in the Eastern suburbs on Tuesday, Western on Thursday, and near their home every day for their last meeting,” according to David Radin, Confirmed’s CEO. “Plus, it evolves as your schedule changes.”

To help individuals deal with recent high gas prices, Confirmed is including Travel Optimizer in all its products for free for the rest of 2022. Those products, available at are priced as low as 9 cents daily.

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