In my opinion, there are 3 ways of making money. They are: CREATE / SELL A PRODUCT, PROVIDE A SERVICE or INVEST.

The fastest and arguably the best to get into especially if you are young and don’t have a lot of money to actually create a product or invest is to provide a service. This one is very good because you do not require a university degree or even have to have the skills required to provide the service. You can learn it! The internet or let me just technology has made things very simple, you can learn a skill today and start charging people to use the skills you’ve learned to provide a service to them. And by the way, whatever skill you have right now, it can be monetized, people can pay you to provide that service, you just need to know how to monetize it and place yourself in a place where people will pay for it.

When I graduated from University in 2013, I had studied computer science for 4 years in Uni with hopes that upon graduating, I will have IT skills that is going to make me a “hot cake” employee BUT… we all know universities these days just teach a bunch of theories and ZERO practical, so people end up with a degree but ZERO practical skill or knowledge on how to apply what they have learnt in school. Most people (and I mean MOST PEOPLE) end up getting a 9-5 job where what they learned in school is not really applied, they just work the 9 to be able to provide for their needs and pay bills.

I had a decision to make, go get a 9-5 job or start something of my own. Just like any other person with entrepreneur traits, I decided to start something of my own but I did not have any practical skill. So, I said to myself – What do businesses need every day that I believe I can provide to them. I had a Eureka moment “I said – Design!!! (Web and Graphics design)” this is always needed and will always be needed by businesses. But don’t forget, I didn’t have the design skills or coding skills to even provide those services, so I decided to go online, ask friends, ask google, just basically go everywhere I could to learn it. To cut the long story short – most tutorials or lessons I saw were spending too much time teaching things that are irrelevant, too technical and will take a lot of time to digest, learn and even practice. Most of the tutorials or websites that were teaching web design were teaching HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT and all those scary programming languages. I do not have the time to learn that, there must be other ways of getting designs done without having to learn code or spend months learning annoying graphics software. To make things worse, none of those tutorials even teach you how to get clients using the skills they teach you. Annoying! Knowledge without Income!

Because of the hustler that I am, I was able to filter all that useless information and find the way to get designs (website and graphics) done without having to do things from the scratch! The world has become easy, I wonder why people are trying to make it all hard over again. What businesses need is results! I learned how to get the results and not kill myself doing it! It’s not a Shortcut it’s a Smartcut!  I did not only discover how to get designs done without spending months learning or doing things from the scratch, I also learned how to GET PAID BY CLIENTS OVERSEAS for my services! This was huge for me because I was based in Nigeria and doing my things on my grandmother’s dining table!

Since starting in 2013, I have worked with 100s of international clients, made thousands of Pounds and Dollars and even moved to one of the most expensive cities in the world – London to spend thousands of pounds getting a Masters in Business Information Systems Management and also living here. I have been able to do all these without prior experience in design or coding or even touching coding. Of course, over the years, I have been able to learn more things that make the process simpler and easier and make me earn more.

Upon rounding up my Masters in London, I decided to spend over 7 months creating a step-by-step, A-Z system or guide on how anyone can do the same thing I did and still do, work from home, do designs without experience or prior skills and I will then show them my secret, how I could be based in Nigeria then but was making thousands of dollars on my grandmother’s dining table. I will show them the key things businesses pay for in Graphics &Web and then show them how to get those things done without having to create from scratch! I titled the course “The Puzzle Hustle” because all I do is play Puzzle – put things together to achieve results, which is what people pay for. People pay for results! If you can do what’s needed, you will be rewarded financially.

(The course will be live on the 9th Of April on )

Daniel Damilola Nejo  ( Creative Designer & Business Strategy Consultant )