No need to register, easy and fast application, records are managed integrally

ANYANG, KOREA, December 07, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Lodev Co. Ltd. has officially launched the ‘Applypoke’ an application management platform which lets people book ceremonies or events with just QR code scanning without having to go through a complicated registration procedure.

There are a lot of events such as lectures, exhibitions, plays, seminars etc. There are a variety of them as well, and the quality is very good. However, it is also true that the procedure of application is complex and inconvenient. Telephoning or booking at the place is troublesome for applicants, applying through mobile or online passage requires complex procedures for example, installing of application, registering ID and password etc.

‘Applypoke’ is a platform which will remove the old inconvenient procedures and ensure an easy and convenient application. You use ‘Applypoke’ by scanning QR code with your smart phone, then send the name of applicant through text message, then application URL will receive a reply to confirm that you’ve applied. No need to install application or register, you apply with just the QR code. Lodev Co. Ltd. has named this stand alone technology, ‘QR 2.0’ and have first applied this technology to ‘Applypoke’ in Korea.

The event manager(administrator) who uses ‘Applypoke’ service can expect higher book rate and faster closing. Event, applicant information, registration fee can be checked at our integrated system and can be managed at there, it also sends NB, notice, adverts conveniently with text message. Also, there are remind function and a function to put people on wait-list, so this prevents a No-show at the event.

‘Applypoke’ was used as an official application solution at the ‘2nd Anyang Career Festival’ which took place on 7th of September 2017 to 8th of same month, and have dealt perfectly with 24,000 applications on 1,794 smaller events made by about 6,500 students in Anyang. This means that this service was acknowledged as an application management service with regards to stability and reliability.

Representative Yoohee Kang of Lodev Co. Ltd. said, “As a specialized service company on education and cultural fields, we have developed ‘Applypoke’ to make ‘application’ which is compulsory to cultural life and make its management ‘convenient.'” She also said that without having to go through complicated procedures when applying and a convenient integrated system will make ‘Applypoke’ become a must-use program for a successful event hosting.

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