MCGB Properties is the latest addition to the MCG group of Companies. The group represents over fifty years of lasting client relationships that are embedded in openness, collaboration, superior service as well as sound ethical business practices.  MCGB Properties has created a unique and powerful synergy that provides an exciting development opportunity for the discerning real estate investor.

Beginning over 25 years ago, Broussard and Bryant (the ‘B’ in MCGB) formed a strong bond beginning with their common roots originating in Louisiana and extending to the Island Paradise of Utila. Both began to quickly envisage the development potential for this pristine island. The only question for future development was one of “right timing”.

The Time Is Now
Unbelievable as it may be, it is not impossible for the average investor to obtain affordable waterfront property on a Caribbean island. The majority of well known island properties in places like Aruba, Cayman, Barbados, the Turks and Cocoas became far too expensive for most people a long time ago. Only the very elite can still invest in these areas. For those who can’t afford such extravagantly priced real estate, Utila is a welcome surprise, affordable to many who could only dream of such an opportunity in the past.

In fact, the island Utila has been a hidden gem, nestled within the Bay Islands, just waiting to be marketed and discovered for the past 25 years, as MCGB Properties waited for just the right time to present it. This is that time, but it won’t last forever. Before long, we expect the island of Utila to follow in the footsteps of the more well known island properties, skyrocketing in price until it is no longer so easily affordable. This is why it is so important to take this opportunity and act fast.


Utila as Described by the Experts
Utila has been drawing plenty of attention from such publications as Kiplinger’s Finance, The Huffington Post, BBC, and more. They’ve described the island as the fastest growing real estate market in the world, one of the top ten places to retire, and as a clean, safe, and secure place to live.

Exciting Opportunities
We’re offering multiple exciting opportunities on the island of Utila with clear title lot ownership and over 40% immediate equity, in addition to options for three-year exit strategies for lot owners at 100% value. There are also great construction options for those seeking the long term greater potential from this investment. Notably, all of our transactions are processed through Steward Title with one of the largest and most respected and reputable law firms to be found throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Guaranteed Value and Demand
Over the past five years, there has been a tremendous increase in visitors to the Bay Islands, with over a 1000% increase in tourism. This includes more than one million cruise ship passengers each year and dozens of international flights every week. Meanwhile, there are millions of people who could benefit from this perfect opportunity to invest in Bay Island property on Utila. There are 80 million Americans and 200 million Europeans who are ready to retire and are ideal candidates for this Caribbean island investment opportunity. In addition to these populations, there are millions of Latin Americans who are ready to retire in an affordable gated community with a luxurious Caribbean atmosphere.

All of these potential investors have the unique opportunity to obtain their own slice of tropical paradise at a fraction of the cost of other comparable properties in the Caribbean. With our three-year amenity plan, this is becoming an incredibly popular opportunity that will continue to create massive value and demand. This means that prices are expected to rise quickly, so now is the time to make your move.

The Best Investment on Earth is Earth – when you purchase at the right time
Part of what makes this opportunity to so exciting is that Utila has much more to offer than beauty of ocean front property and the charm of friendly community. Beyond this, there are exciting activities to enjoy, excellent dining establishments, vast natural landscapes, and the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that make the Caribbean islands such a popular destination. Utila offers everything you’re looking for in a Caribbean investment property.  Truly, real estate investment is all about getting the timing right, so strike now, and get in on the cusp of this incredible and exclusive Caribbean real estate opportunity.