Comfortable, reliable and cheaper alternative models of rigid SUPs and boats are manufactured by Beluga new and prospective company, and sold all around the world.

METUCHEN, NJ, January 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Beluga young manufacturer uses original technology which provides strong durability of products regardless of the application conditions. Company produces the inflatable paddle boards, which are described here, and motor boats for various use. Welding of rubber, which is practiced by designers instead of traditional sticking, guarantees both protections from tearing and from salt water bacteria which destroys glue molecules. This technology provides 3 and 5 years Warranty for ISUPs and boats, which no one other manufacturer can promise.

Beluga products choice

The Company works in two main directions, and each of them has some categories. Customers can choose and order one of the following inflatable-paddle-boards models:

– Touring for pleasant and save journeys;
– Surf for professional surfing;
– Racing for workouts and competitions;
– Fishing for comfortable and successful catching fish;
– Big Sups for multi-person use;
– Wind SUP for better stability at any environmental conditions;
– Yoga for special SUP Yoga exercises;
– White Water for special conditions of use;
– All Round with the universal usability.

For more specialties of every category everyone can use contact form. Various posts show that customers are mostly satisfied both with the quality of consulting and of products.

The other Company’s manufacture direction is inflatable boats, which are sold on page There are two different classes of these products. They are C class with 10-12 ft. length, and K class with 12-14 ft. length. Fishing, Heavy Duty, Roll Up, Dinghy, Sport, and other Beluga inflatable motor boats are featured with big capacity (up to 8 persons), and with perfect technical characteristics. These products are more reliable and comfortable in comparison with the most boats produced by other manufacturers. Moreover; they are equipped with the whole set of accessories which make them so much useful as it is only possible.

ISUPs and inflatable boats by Beluga has become the favorite brand for those who prefer safety and comfort!

Beluga is a young American company which manufactures inflatable paddle boards (ISUPs) and boats. The range of products is quite various. Everyone can select models for sports (surfing, paddling, and yoga), fishing or just pleasant spending of time. The Company uses unique welding technology which provides the strongest durability of products. That’s why; Beluga gives 3-years Warranty for ISUPs and 5-years Warranty for boats. Besides the excellent goods’ quality, the manufacturer provides attractive sales conditions. The products are shipped to any world country, and customers may get up to 10% discount. To get more information, you can contact Beluga support managers using the following form

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