New children’s book is a powerfully effective educational tool that parents and grandparents can put to work to help kids better “process” each stage of moving.

BOSTON, MA, November 30, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Each year in America, millions of families move from one home to another. It’s a time of hope and new beginnings. But alongside the excitement there’s often anxiety–especially for children, who have the least control over the moving process. Now, in a charming new storybook that looks at moving from a child’s point of view, Julie Etter provides a valuable GPS for families changing addresses. Lily and Andrew Are Moving unwraps the mystery of moving so it all makes sense.

“Think about it from a kid’s perspective,” explains Etter, a Boston-area realtor and a former middle school teacher. “Strangers coming into the house. Boxes. Saying goodbye to friends. It can be scary and overwhelming. I wrote this book because there is nothing out there that breaks down the process for kids and tells them what to expect.”

Lily and Andrew Are Moving is an educational tool in the guise of a sweet children’s story about a brother and sister getting ready to move. It’s also a powerfully effective engagement device that parents and grandparents can put to work to help kids better “process” each stage of moving. “It’s noteworthy,” says Etter, that “much of the emotional journey for children in the moving process is akin to the stages identified by Kubler-Ross in the grieving process.” In helping to delineate the stages of moving–and by explaining what children need from mom or dad during each one–Etter provides a tool for families every bit as necessary as the moving van.

While Lily and Andrew Are Moving poses as a simple, beautifully-illustrated story to be read to children, it isn’t hard to feel the teacher in Etter carefully laying out the lesson plan. From how to announce the move to practical ways parents can help kids adapt to their new environment, Etter infuses a wealth of practical, helpful information into an easily relatable narrative. The book itself comes with instructions for optimal use, a collection of colorful stickers for active child engagement, as well as some great ideas for activities before and after the move.

“Last year more than 35 million Americans packed up their belongings and moved their lives from one structure to another,” says Etter, who worked with children dealing with transitions. “Moving children is a little like transplanting plants. They’ll thrive with the proper nurturing–wherever you end up putting down roots.”

Julie Etter is a professional, national award-winning realtor out of Wrentham, MA. She has a BS in psychology and taught middle school for a few years while working in focus groups specializing in children in transition. Teaching and working with children supports her vision of focusing and supporting the entire family in a move. This book has allowed her two passions of family and real estate to collide in a resourceful way for everyone. Julie resides in Wrentham with her husband Tim and two sons, DJ and Joel.

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