Roma E-Solidus Committee met with several Business Leaders and Export Import companies from Romania in Barcelona today, to help increase exports of Romania into Asia.

Roma E-solidus delegation also met with companies that are currently exporting into China and Asia markets for Sheep Meat, Beech wood Timber, Rapeseed Oil, Electrical Sockets, and Scrap Metal. The agenda was discussion for use of Roma E-solidus Coins for Trade with Far East and China.

According to Romania’s Economy Ministry “In 2014, Romania exported about $71B to Europe and rest of the World.  Romanian exports to China went up by a quarter in the first seven months of the year, after an all-year growth of 34% in 2013”

Romania‘s largest trading partner was Germany, followed by Italy. Romania’s main exports to Germany were insulated wire, cars and vehicle parts, whereas its main German imports are cars and vehicle parts. The principal Italian imports to Romania include hides, footwear parts, medicaments, telephones and vehicle parts. Romania’s chief exports to Italy included leather footwear, cars, telephones, tobacco, men’s suits, seats and iron pipes.

**Romania – China trade reached approx.USD 2.2 billion in 2014, out of which Romania’s exports to China stood at just some USD 500 million, according to the Editor of

There were over 11,200 Chinese companies registered in Romania.  The value of Chinese investments in Romania reached EUR 407 million. Some of these companies are also trading actively on Alibaba.

According to Roma E-solidus Delegation Team Leader “Big Chinese companies are currently under advanced negotiations to work on several high tech projects in Romania, and we foresee an opportunity for Roma Coins to facilitate easy trade.”

 **Romania borders BulgariaHungaryMoldovaSerbia and Ukraine by land and Turkey by sea. Romania is the 46th largest export economy in the world.

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