Just because the weather’s getting colder and colder doesn’t mean we should, too. Whether you’re working outside, going for a jog, or exploring snow country, thermal underwear is a must for cold-weather adventures, as it will keep you warm and wick away moisture. After the successful launch of their yoga products, the first Lapasa (u.lapasa.ca/UKLapasa) winter range is here. Unlike ordinary cooling and heating products, the thermal sensations that the Lapasa thermal clothes for men create are immediate, precise, and energy-efficient. Breaking away from the predictable category of being a mere necessity, Lapasa tries to go a step further idealizing that thermal wear essentially doesn’t need to be bland or boring.

A full range of black thermal products with sizes from S till XL comprising of:

Lapasa Men’s Merino Wool Long Johns

Lapasa Men’s Thermal Underwear Set

Lapasa Men’s Merino Wool Base Layer

And the set Lapasa Men’s Merino Wool Underwear Set

People are becoming increasingly fashion conscious and as a result, they have to take care of trends and comfort both. Catering to the modern English customers with fashionable taste, the products project the essential winter wear as cozy soft thermals designed to fit the body perfectly, provide unmatched comfort and keeps one snug and warm in winters. All the collection is breathable, moisture wicking and odor resistant. The highly breathable fabric lets moisture out, making sure you stay dry on the inside, while the natural antibacterial properties will let you wear it multiple times without needing to wash.

The majority of the testers of the top products applauded their long sleeve and shirt length, which kept their wrists and backs covered, while they managed to fit correctly and look good on testers of different shapes and heights.

For the bottom part the testers said Lapasa Long Johns wicks moisture when you’re moving, but keeps you comfy on the chair lift while, in the maintime, they are light enough to be worn under regular clothing without making you look and feel like the Michelin man. Get the 20% of discount on Lapasa thermal products with code “Londonnj”.