British Actor Tony Fadil has set himself on the scene as one to watch, with various roles in action, drama and comedy flicks. His most recent production Burnt Toast will hit the screens on EssexTV.

(1) What can we expect from burnt toast?
(A) When Steve Ward approached me with his first draft of the script, i could see its potential. it is like how comedy shows were back in the late 80s early 90s.

That was how we both thought comedy should be done. it brings back memories of GAME ON and MEN BEHAVING BADLY.

If sitting back and watching something really funny from that era is what tickles you then BURNT TOAST won’t disappoint.

tonyfadil1(2) Are there any roles right now as an actor you think will be very challenging?
(A) I believe there is no such thing as an easy role, all roles are challenging, to get the best out of any character takes perseverance and dedication, as with all jobs the more you put in the more you get out.

(3) Talk us through a regular Christmas at the Fadils? 
(A) Like most people Christmas is all about family and friends, i like nothing more than having mine around me at that special time of year. We have a little tradition every year at our house, we wait till midnight then everyone can open just one of their smaller presents before bed. Christmas morning we all have a little bit of breakfast and a cuppa before we go into the sitting room where it becomes a free for all ripping the paper off the remaining gifts as if your life depended on it. Its so much fun.

(4) Is there a secret to how you’ve managed to accomplish so many productions in such little time?
(A) I never sleep…hahaha

No seriously i just live and breathe the film industry, i love everything about it, if i get involved in a project i just immerse myself into whatever role i’ve got. I believe there are no small roles in any production, everyone needs to pull in the same direction to make something special.

(5) Who is the most interesting co-star you’ve worked with and why?
(A) There is just too many to name, i’ve worked with some amazing, talented actors over the years that i really couldn’t name them all as we would be here all day. What gives me a buzz though is working with new up and coming actors who are just breaking into the industry, its great to see their passion, drive and that fire in the belly first hand. Watching them push themselves to be the best they can is something special to be part of.