Fresh from his elevation to the top job at Essex TV, Essex native Jay Connor has wasted no time establishing himself as the one to watch on the TV executive’s scene – we held an interview with him.

1. How is the journey been so far as Essex TV CEO?
The journey has been great, EssexTV has a great time working tirelessly to keep it all going, I couldn’t ask for a better team, they have made the transaction stress free.

2. As a young executive how do you cope with the pressures? as you’re quite laid back and have tattoos?
I take the pressure in my stride, I wasn’t the smartest kid in school and I had a few teachers tell me I wouldn’t accomplish much after so it’s great in that sense that I can prove them wrong…  yes I do have tattoos and a piercing in my face and I’ve had a few people look me up and down when i get introduced to them as the CEO as I’m very laid back, I go to events in a shirt and jeans rather than a suit.. it’s just who i am and my personality is not a suit.

3. There has been some criticism of your twitter username – how do you take this?
Haha yes… when I 1st got promoted to CEO the team did give me some stick as its @JayOneBang but that’s down to my boxing and MMA back in the day. I am proud of the name as my close friends Chris Stevens and Kris Beech “christened” me with that nickname and it’s just stuck since.

4. You are also rumored to have a rap career in the pipeline – how does this feel?
Well it started off as an audition for a TV series but the track that me and Billy Kabanda completed with the help of MOB got shown to a few record labels and we have now had 2 recording contacts, we have a few meetings this week so not much more can be said… but it’s definitely very exciting.

5. How is life at home? And how’s the transition been for your wife?
Its been fine, I’m constantly on my phone now (more so than before) but I love it… my wife has been a constant support, I know she didn’t sign up for this life when we first met but I couldn’t of asked for a better back bone for myself in this harsh business, between her and Billy and his lovely wife Debbie they give me great advice and support when needed.

6. Whats your immediate goals in the next 6 months for your career?
My goals is to take the channel further and make my predecessor proud… I want to take EssexTV to the next step and make the team proud and make everyone’s hard work gets noticed.

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