Summary: Wayram Jewelry is a family business based out of UK. Offering an array of affordable precious stone jewelry, the company is now offering precious stone investment
options with potential future profits.

04-01-2017 – Based in United Kingdom, Wayram Jewelry is a family company that takes pride in their wide range of precious stones and precious stone jewelry. According to the company, their prices on precious gemstones are 20% to 50% lower compared to the prices offered by their industry competitors. The company is now offering investment opportunities for the investors around the globe.

“Wayram Jewelry is now offering the opportunity for people to invest in diamonds, emeralds and other precious gemstones with great potential for profits in the future,” stated a company spokesperson in an official press statement.

The spokesperson further added “According to market and analysis, the investment value for precious gemstones like diamonds and emeralds will have doubled by 2025. This makes 2016 a great year for precious stone investment. We urge investors from around the globe to take advantage of our exclusive investment opportunities.”

While United States is the largest consumer of precious stones like diamonds, many other countries are joining the race. Precious stones are now becoming a quintessential luxury item around the globe and thus have an increased demand in major countries like China, India and Russia etc.

More info about the type of jewelry and gems offered in Wayram and their prices can be seen on the official company website at

About Wayram:

Wayram is a family-owned business that has been run by the same family for over 3 generations. Initially established in Tamil Nadu, India, the company is currently based in the UK with their jewelry also being sold online. Heir to the company, Sathees Sun, has a great passion and knowledge of diamonds and other precious stones. His mission is to make these luxury stones affordable for and easily available for people around the globe.