What drives people into becoming start-up junkies?  Creative people have unlimited creative ideas, so they never stop thinking nor fall into staring at a deadlock. There are many ideas creative people can share and transform them into start-up ideas. We know that creative people have great thought and everything they think could seem so brilliant. If your mind is loaded tons of ideas, you can start doing mapping and brainstorming of how it could become a business.

The first thing to do is to ensure that the idea is sustainable and legal and if enough people would consider it a good idea. Then, when you have done that, you can start to make a simple to do list. You can find partners for your start-up idea such as a local developer. Can also find partner from meet ups in your city, people who can join in and help get your dream come true.

The first thing to do when you are going to shape your own ideas into great company or start-up is by joining an incubator that can be great to the first step of having a new start-up with good concern; The incubator is the basic need for every “baby” especially when the start-ups are about innovation and technology. The incubator is the first recommended habitat for growing your business into a stable one.

There, you will get great guidance and advice for your software development. In an incubator, you can get the ultimate tips for your marketing in the internet and digital world, when it has come to share the ideas, you can get the guide also to make firm steps on how you should make the application and software, how you promote your ideas or prototype the product and more. At Metric Impact, a Mexico city based incubator and tech firm, the process for start-up growth has been an example to other incubators. Pepe Kamel Metric Impact’s CEO said in an interview by CNBC, “the difference betweetn a successful and a failure when talking about start-ups depends on the framework and business planning method the founders adopt, and this applies to all kind of start-ups”. For this and several reasons mentions is that an incubator could be a great partner in your venture.