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AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, August 12, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — You may be under the impression that because your car is permanently broken down, it is worthless. This is a normal assumption to make. Who would want to pay any amount of money for a vehicle that is completely and utterly useless? Also, just look at all that rust. It’s ugly too.

However, the reality could not be further from this outlook. Have a skilled pro have a look at your car and they will see what parts of it can be re-used. The result will be a monetary value.

However, what amount will that be? Can you discover yourself? Well, it turns out that you can. That way you will be able to know whether the auto wreckers in question are trying to rip you off or not. Here are some of the methods you can choose to learn how much your scrap car can be valued at.

It’s Value in Steel
There are materials on your car that are worth money. One of the most abundant materials in your car is steel. It is made up of over 60 percent of this metal. Why is this such a great material? To start with, it does not weaken. The fact that it is so robust means that it will be used repeatedly, and recycling is always good for the environment. Mining for the virgin ores that are used to make steel is not so good.

The Value of the Car Battery
It is easy to recycle a car battery, so it is no surprise that they are the most recyclable part of any vehicle. Which is good due to how many toxic substances exist within these objects. One thing you do not want to do with a car battery is simply throwing it out. These things have to be recycled by law, as they are terrible for the planet when simply junked.

What are the different materials within a battery that make it so bad for the environment? For one, lead. Another is the battery acid. That acid needs to be neutralised! That is part of what happens when they are disposed of properly, or recycled.

Catalytic Converter
If there is one part of a car that will make it more valuable it is the catalytic converter. This is whether it is working or not. The reason? It has metals in it that are of the precious variety. We are talking about such metals as rhodium. It would be a crime to neglect to mention palladium. And who could forget good old platinum, a true classic among metals. That is one metal that can be accurately described as valuable. One ounce is worth one grand.

Recycling cars makes money for the car recyclers, which is a relief. Because the financial incentive is there to help the environment. Moreover, there is no question that the environment needs all the help it can get in the fight against being ruined by us humans!

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