Have you ever been under pressure? If yes, what are those things you do? In this article, I am going to clearly explain how you can benefit from pressure rather than looking at it from a wrong perspective.

Pressure is something that we experience at some points in our lives. Just like anything else, it has become a part of our lives and something that can either trigger us daily to achieve more, do greater things and be a better person or bring out our bad sides. When we were young, we hardly experience any pressure until we have attained our teenage years. And at the adulthood stage, you were compelled to make decisions that will remain with you for a few years. This pressure gradually accumulates in your life making it look as if the world is working against you.

 Causes Of Pressure

Pressure can come from different angles. It can be from school, work, siblings, pressure around money and a host of other things.

Pressure will either turn you to dust or a diamond

The way I view pressure is not much different from coal. If you subject a coal to a little pressure, you get a diamond. Of course, there are pieces of the coal that will fall off and turn into dust; this is because they cannot withstand the pressure put on them. Likewise if you can handle the little pressure life puts on you, definitely you be come out better, if not the best.

Let’s Consider the case of Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista

Who could have thought that these teen entrepreneurs will achieve a greater success in managing their food franchise mall, despite being students? Well, it should not be a surprise!

These genius teens have learned how to effectively handle pressure, courtesy of their mother, Dr Megumi Sachiko, and this has helped to build their character and turn them into great leaders among their counterparts. They have the right skills and experience needed to effectively run their business (the franchise mall deals in food chain restaurants, licensing Characters, Multimedia, games etc.), and now aspire to serve worldwide. With their hard work, goal setting and luck, they have achieved the highest end of the year sales and revenue even before the end of the year 2017.

How To Deal With Pressure

There are different types of pressure that influence our lives and the decisions we make in life. However what I have learned so far is that it is not the pressure you faced that matters, but how you choose to deal with it. Listed below are some of those things you can do:

  • Set goals
  • Focus on what you can do now
  • Visualize how you will feel once the issue is solved
  • Talk to people about how you are feeling
  • Take holiday and have fun



Be positive about pressure. See it as a chance to prove yourself. Although it may not be seem fun, but if this aspect of life is missing, believe me, life may not be a better place.