My Freedom Services, an administrative support-consulting firm assists inmates to achieve parole release on time, saving taxpayers money.

NEW YORK, NY, January 17, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — My Freedom Services, founded in 2017 addresses the needs of inmates to get out of prison on time, saving taxpayers’ money for needless extended incarceration. This improves reform and applies to those who follow the rules! The founder was released out of prison on time because of assistance he received. He then decided to create his own company to do the same for others. My Freedom Services is an administrative provider that helps inmates prepare their parole board packages by working with their friends and family.

Its Founder identified serious problems while preparing for his own parole release during incarceration. He found that; inmates were ill-informed due to rumors, and illiteracy ran rampant at a 70% rate. There existed language barriers even within their respective ethnic groups. He began helping fellow inmates who followed the rules, participated in reform programs and took responsibility for their crimes. The success of his own efforts for himself is attributed to a formal education, ability to speak multiple languages and support from outside the prison. This facilitated his parole board package’s success. When asked “Why would you help other inmates?” He said “They needed it. They heard what I had achieved quickly within three months. And, the word about the success, spread like fire.” He did what he could by helping them fill out forms, and talked to them about how he spoke to the board.” He also reported “Rumors were all inmates had regarding parole parameters beyond outdated material distributed within the system. The information is very controlled inside the walls of prison facilities, and many times, inmates ended up serving more time than was necessary because they got it wrong, missed a deadline or weren’t adequately prepared at their first parole date. Conversely, if they do all the right things, stay out of The Box (Solitary Confinement), don’t join gangs, and participate in the reform programs available, they should qualify to be released on time. But, if they don’t express themselves well, or receive family support on paper, they prepare a weak case. Many times they served more time than was necessary.” The founder sums up with his opinion “Delayed incarcerations cost taxpayers money because it is big business, and it is all part of the Prison Industrial Complex.”

My Freedom Services provides a solution to a piece of this larger problem by moving inmates out in a timely manner. This company is not a legal service provider. It is strictly administrative working with assigned family members and friends in conjunction with their inmate. The key to My Freedom Service’s success is its ability to reach inmates who need help on the inside, work with their supporters on the outside and guide them all through the parole board package preparation process in a successful way.

My Freedom Services, was founded in 2017,

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