Designer Janvi Ghatalia is a rising star! First making her mark in India with top design firms House of Masaba and Naeem Khan, Janvi is now electrifying the New York fashion scene, the pinnacle of international fashion and Janvi has thrived here. But her journey to the heights of glamour began long before.

Janvi has always been enthralled with clothes and styling, enjoying creating outfits with her imagination. Attending an arts high school, she was exposed to graphic and interior design, but fashion always ruled her heart. She pursued her passion by moving to New York City, attending the elite Parsons School of Arts and Design. While there, Janvi was especially drawn to pattern-making and draping, developing a mastery of these skills that continues to shine in her professional career. Getting a garment from a 2-D design into a 3-D piece worn on runways the world over is one of the most exciting things in this young designer’s day! Every concept is guided by 3 pillars: Texture, Tailoring and Color. Her work on texture has been widely praised, as has her expressive use of color, influenced by her homeland of India. As for Tailoring, no garment is complete without the tailoring that’s done just right. Janvi’s work always thrills with harmony she creates between these three elements.

But Janvi’s vision doesn’t end on the runway. Over the years, her vision has evolved away from an emphasis on pure aesthetics. These days, she devotes a lot of time and thought to the challenge of creating sustainable pieces and reducing the fashion industry’s environmental footprint. Working with like-minded designers at the sustainable fashion brand AGATI, among others, Janvi is increasingly being recognized as new voice in eco-conscious design.

We’re all excited to see what this gifted designer will come up with next!