Teal, Owner of Volition Arts in Fort Worth Design District, Takes On Tattooing’s Toughest Challenge

FORT WORTH, TX, October 08, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sometimes the customer seeking a cover up has just ended a relationship with the person who was supposed to be the one. In other instances, the client has reached 30 and outgrown a tattoo he or she got at 18 or 19. In other cases, the person wanting a cover up tattoo just has a ho-hum tattoo that they want made into ink they are proud to show off.

“Cover up is definitely the art of camouflage, and it’s definitely that hardest kind of tattoo to do,” said Derrick Teal, owner of Volition Arts, an appointment-only private tattoo studio in Fort Worth Design District. “Doing a great cover up tattoo requires a real grasp of color and composition,” added Teal.

“When you’re doing a cover up, you have to think about design and placement of the elements to draw the eye away from what you want to conceal and toward what you want to show,” said Teal, an artist known for his mastery of ornamental and dotwork tattoo styles.

For a recent client, he covered a tribal armband tattoo with a geometric galaxy-themed tattoo. “In this cover up, we were able to create a free-flowing amorphous geometric tattoo that was dark where it needed to be and light in other places to draw the eye away from what we were covering,” said Teal. “We’ll be covering the shoulder next, to complete the half-sleeve tattoo,” added Teal.

For another client, Derrick covered a small tribal back tattoo with a tattoo in an ornamental style. “This client originally wanted a small cover up but, eventually, she decided to do her whole back, so I had to create a final design that meshed with our first cover up tattoo design and resulted in a cohesive look,” said Teal.

If you are interested in having Derrick do a cover up for you, sign up for the Volition Arts newsletter on the studio’s website. “When I reopen my book, most likely early next year, I am going to announce it first in our Volition Arts newsletter,” said Teal.

If you would like to have a cover up done sooner, visit Volition Arts’ artists’ page and fill out the consult form. To see some recent tattoos, visit the gallery section of the Volition Arts website or check out Volition on Instagram @volitionarts. Be sure to also to visit the Volition Arts store to shop for custom threads, art and accessories or get a tattoo gift card.

Volition Arts is located in the approximately 40-acre Fort Worth Design District in North Fort Worth. Teal’s studio is in Box Office Warehouse Suites (BOWS), an eco-friendly business park made of 100 brightly painted shipping containers.

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Fort Worth Design District is a business enclave made for creative entrepreneurs in fashion, design, architecture, technology, and other fields that prize both design and aesthetics. 40+ acres, Fort Worth Design District features retail shop space for rent, studios and workshops, showrooms, light industrial spaces for makers, warehouse for rent for distributors and manufacturers and office suites. The center of the district is Box Office Warehouse Suites (BOWS), an eco-friendly business park made from more than 100 recycled shipping containers. Surrounding BOWS is Golden Triangle Business Park with commercial property for lease.

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