Laura Prince’s new book detailing the death of her brother has been called “insightful”, “powerful” “vivid” “absorbing” and spellbinding.

WILMINGTON, NC, January 15, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — A death in the family is devastating. The loss of a child even more so. Not surprisingly, when a child is lost, we naturally want to console the parents of that child. What we often fail to notice is the effect the death of a child has on the other children in the family. The surviving children must deal with issues that are unique, potentially life-shattering and long lasting. Fear, anxiety, guilt and a host of other challenges can overwhelm young people who are unlikely to be prepared to face such a crippling event.

Laura Prince’s new book, ‘Sibling Loss, A Sister’s Journey from Despair To Celebration’, is a first-person account of the crushing effect the death of her brother, had on her life. Prince shares her decades-long process of healing that is, as she claims, a lifelong struggle. Nevertheless it is a book that offers hope. Prince openly and candidly examines the pitfalls and surprising triumphs of grieving. She offers readers a window into her world and allows us to share in her sadness, and in the eventual celebration of her brother as she slowly works her way into a place of quiet joy and gratitude.

“I’ve learned that without a huge and continued effort to heal from life’s upheavals, many crises can never produce healing. Recovering from enormous trauma, as in the sudden accidental death of my brother Mathew, became a kind of life ‘endeavor’ of mine.

“I’ve been blessed with the ability to write, and therefore could share my story with you, so that you, the reader, can be inspired to overcome your grief as well. Writing ‘Sibling Loss’ has been a huge part of my spiritual journey to finally be able to celebrate Mathew’s short but beautiful life.”

Readers and reviewers alike have praised Sibling Loss. One called it “The best story illustrating the long term consequences of unresolved childhood grief that I have seen.” Another said, “Sibling Loss: A Sister’s Journey from Despair to Celebration is an excellent read and one I would recommend to everyone.”

Allan Schnarr, of the Center for Grief Recovery in Chicago said, “Sibling Loss is not a book you read at a dispassionate distance. It is not for you if you choose to avoid facing your losses, not unless you become willing to turn around and face yourself. The reading is a deeply personal encounter with Laura, as she lays bare the unspeakable tragedy of the death of her beloved brother. As you encounter Laura, the mirror she offers will draw you in to the journey inside your own broken heart . . .There is so much to learn here about longing for love, losing love, and searching for it unwaveringly. This is the thread weaving Laura’s narrative. It is at the archetypal core of each journey through life, love lost and found.

“Laura makes it clear that fully grieving the loss of love brings one to a new home, a renewed discovery of love, a love strong enough and wise enough to walk through each new loss with durable, irrepressible grace. Thank you Laura”

Laura’s story, ‘Sibling Loss, A Sister’s Journey from Despair to Celebration’, is a book that would be appropriate for anyone who has ever lost, or will ever lose a sibling. That would be nearly all of us.

Laura Prince is available for media interviews and can be reached by email at [email protected] or by using the information below. The book is available at Amazon. More information is available at Prince’s website at

Laura Prince is both an author and the creator and manager of a symphony orchestra. Sibling Loss, A Sister’s Journey from Despair to Celebration is her first book. She resides in Canada.

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