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The Spodek Law Group of Queens is a top pick, and well known, divorce and matrimony law firm for all issues related to family law and more. They are one of Queen’s County’s oldest divorce law firms, with over 50 years of experience. Residents of Queens can trust them– with offices throughout NYC and Long Island, to service their needs. They treat each and every client like a member of their family. It’s what separates them from the competition. Their divorce law firm has offices in Queens, and throughout New York. In addition to handling divorce cases, they can...

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Stankevicius MGM Wealth Management Education

Stankevicius MGM, digital consulting firm from Helsinki, Finland has released a platform for stock education. The platform focuses to educate new investors how to control and manage risk capital. Stankevicius MGM provides latest industry news and data. The founder and CEO, Paulius Stankevicius, says that SWME platform enables investors to reach full trading potential and become professional stock traders is less than 6 months. Investors can already sign up for early access and get $500 free for joining the training program. Learn more about Stankevicius Wealth Management...

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Silvia Busacca, a professional actress well known in Europe was present at the  Rome Capital of the International Cinema for the 12th edition of the Roma Cinema Fest, where she was photographed by the official photograph of the event Stefano Pietrucci while walking on the International Red Carpet. This happened on October 28, 2017, evening at the preview of David Gordon Green ‘s Stronger’ s movie. Silvia Busacca wore a dress purchased in Milan from one of the best Italian designers to the event. The actress Silvia Busacca was accredited by the Roma Cinema Fest and she is actively participating in the Cinema Festival.  The Roma Cinema Fest is an international event reaching in 2017 its 12th edition. The world’s most prestigious carpet where every year you see actresses and actors from all over the world, the best actors on the show, those who made the story of Cinema true, and actors walking for the first time ahead to represent their last movie. Earlier this year the actress was present at the red carpet of the 2017 Venice Film Festival where she was captured on official shoots by photographers around the world for the preview of Jim Carrey Jim & Andy’s film. About Silvia Busacca Silvia Busacca was born in Ragusa in Sicily, she is an actress, model and a protagonist in 8 nations of the world as International...

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How SOLYLEND wants to give meaning to savings by developing emerging countries?

In 2016, France spent 1.31 billion euros on solidarity investments, thus establishing outstanding solidarity savings to 9.76 billion euros at the end of the year. Solidarity finance is an increasingly popular alternative for savers, who have used the transparency and social impact that traditional banks are struggling to provide. But what do these terms of solidarity finance, solidarity savings, crowdlending mean? Solidarity finance aims to give back to finance its primary function: the linking of the actors with need of financing with those having the capacity of the financier. The idea is to make his money useful in what...

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Himalaya set to revolutionize skin care with multifunctional Tumeric

Turmeric, also known as the “curry spice,” has long been used for healing as well as for its beauty benefits. Studies have shown that turmeric is a very helpful ingredient for skin due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Beauticians throughout the globe are waking up to the wonderful benefits of turmeric and it’s also getting incorporated in beauty products.  It is possible that turmeric is already an ingredient in your skincare regimen and you didn’t realize it! Turmeric is a positive example of why it is important to research each ingredient in your skincare products. Many products contain...

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